Technological and behavioral policy levers to save energy in the workplace
Valeria Fanghella  1@  , Giovanna D'adda  2@  , Massimo Tavoni  3@  
1 : University of Trento
2 : University of Milan
3 : Politecnico di Milano

Using a large field study, we investigate the impact of two energy conservation programs in the workplace. The first is a technological renovation that envisages the installation of an automated energy management system to optimize building consumption (N= 68 branches). The second is a non-pecuniary intervention that encourages employees' behavioral change through a saving competition amongst branches (N= 516 branches). We find that the technological intervention reduces total energy consumption, especially outside working hours. The behavioral intervention has a significant curtailing effect only outside working hours. Our results suggest that, when implemented together, these tools may overlap (rather than reinforce), as they address similar drivers of consumption.

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